Your Host

November 25, 2011


Come here often? I know, how could you? The site didn’t even exist until this morning. Still, do you want to come here often? I hope the answer is yes. And since I’ll be doing a lot of talking around here, it’s probably best that we get to know each other sooner rather than later.

My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Pre… wait, what? Wrong movie? This isn’t a movie at all? Awk-ward.

My name isn’t important — My expertise lies not in who I am, but rather in what I do. I make my own beer. I bend technology to my will. I barbeque turkeys. I speak gadgetese. I make up words. Good words though, so let it slide.

Anywho… my goal is to curate a little piece of the world as it relates to just a few of the things I hold most dear and to judiciously mete out expertise on aforementioned things. If you find these things half as dear as I do, you might just enjoy yourself.

If there’s a particular topic on which you would like expertise meted out judiciously, email me at and I’ll make something happen.

I hope we enjoy this ride together.


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