Try Windows Phone 7 on an Android device, IPhone or iPod

November 30, 2011


If you’re interested in trying out Microsoft’s mobile platform, but haven’t had the time or interest to make the trip to a retailer, you’re in luck. Microsoft is offering a mobile browser-based demonstration of the system. (No Jailbreaking or Rooting required!)

Just tap this link on your Android, iPhone, or iPod Touch to take it for a spin. Email it to yourself if you have to, it’s worth it. (or use a free service like Site to Phone, which I’ll be talking about it a post in the not so distant future).

My opinion? The demo is sharp looking and quite snappy, although I can’t imagine the speed is a reliable indicator of performance on an actual device. Taken at face value as an interface demonstration, it’s a great way to show the phone to just about anyone who’s willing to listen. When you start tapping around yourself, I think you’ll agree with me that Microsoft’s slot below Apple & Google on the smart phone popularity charts has nothing to do with the quality of the design. The interface is clear, focused, and straightforward.

Like a lot of consumers, I need to futz with something for a bit before I’ll even consider spending my hard-earned money on it, so this is a great opportunity for Microsoft to get some traction in the market, if they can get enough people to play with it.

Via Microsoft


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