OLED: one step closer to mainstream.

January 5, 2012

In a former life as a retail toadie, I had the pleasure of hawking a ridiculously expensive 11″ OLED display from Sony. At $2500, we sure didn’t sell them quickly, but that didn’t stop people from drooling when they saw it. The image capabilities of a well crafted (read, not your cellphone) OLED are downright disturbingly realistic.

Sony XEL-1

image courtesy of wikipedia

OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode, in which the pixels themselves are both the color and light sources for the image. It’s more comparable to plasma than to LCD in this regard, because LCD displays shine the light through the pixels, where as plasma (PDP) pixels create their own light when energized. Where PDP and OLED diverge is in how much juice is required to get the light flowing — OLED requires far less of it than plasma, which among other things allows the panel to be much thinner, and even flexible.

And hopefully, we’re on the cusp of these things becoming mainstream, and potentially more affordable than what’s available now. LG is supposedly going to display a 55″ set at CES this month.

Start saving now; you’re going to want one.

Maker to unveil worlds largest OLED TV – CNN.com


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