Hi. I’m Ben. I like stuff. Not all stuff, mind you, but the stuff I do like, I like a lot.

This blog is my way of showing you the things that I find cool in the world. I hope to help people find an appreciation for something new — or, even better — get into it themselves.

So what do I like? Will a bulleted list of items appearing in no particular order because I love them all equally work? Good.

  • Home Audio, including Stereo (2 channel), Home Theater (Multichannel), and Computer Audio.
  • Home Video, including HDTV and Projectors.
  • Gadgets. Using them.
  • Beer, making it and drinking it.
  • Wine. Just drinking it. For now.
  • Searing Meat. Hot and fast, or low and slow.

I wouldn’t call myself an ‘expert’ on any of these topics. I can say that what I know, I know from experience. But hey, don’t take my word for it. Here are some links to some of my past reviews on another site.

Now, let’s have some fun.

One Response to “About”

  1. Dad Says:

    Hello Mr. H,

    Love gadgets, scotch, wine, scotch (did I already say that), fast cars ( too many tickets though), golf, visiting Maine ( to see Mr. H and Ms. N !!!), space shuttles, the Caribbean and my wife (not necessarily in that order. Looking forward to getting your updates.

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