Scientists find weird new property of matter that breaks all the rules | The Verge.


I know this is just a concept, but I was blown away. No idea how¬†close they are to pulling this off, but I’m in.

Next gen xbox perhaps?

I love a lot about the new iOS. The constant iterative refinements are, to me, welcome in a world where devices are crammed with crap in an effort to stand out from the pack.

That said, the new iOS mapping app has gotten me lost every time I’ve tried to use it. There are plenty of alternatives on the market and continued usage will certainly improve the situation, but I don’t think there’s a more clear measure of the lead Google has on the mapping front then their announcement from this morning.

Apple has a long way to go before they catch up.

Dive into the Great Barrier Reef with the first underwater panoramas in Google Maps.

Review: iPhone 5

September 18, 2012

Jim Dalrymple of has the first iPhone 5 review I’ve seen. Normally I see these all around the same time from all the other bloggers, so I can’t help but wonder if he posted it early. Who knows.


Review: iPhone 5.

I’m about to upgrade from the iPhone 4 to the new model, so I’m excited to start using Siri. I know people have mixed luck, but the following list looks really useful, and should actually, well, ¬†work.

What can you say to Siri in iOS 6? | TUAW – The Unofficial Apple Weblog.

FJP has a nice post about what makes Apple different than other companies, while simultaneously opening them up to abuse from bloggers and other tech writers.

A lot of Apple’s success comes from avoiding the temptation of jetpack design. Here’s how they do it:

They pick one feature
… that the market is familiar with
… and they do it better
… then they let you know about it

This is greeted by tech nerds as boring, but to the general public this is exactly what they want. They just want it to work.

FJP – Apple avoids the temptation of jetpack design.

iOS not having support for flash was a big deal for lots of Android’s early adopters. To me, it seemed like Google was playing that up to get their foot in the door with Smartphone customers, regardless of shitty performance. So, I’m unsurprised that they’ve finally and officially dropped support for it.

Via The Verge.