Review: iPhone 5

September 18, 2012

Jim Dalrymple of has the first iPhone 5 review I’ve seen. Normally I see these all around the same time from all the other bloggers, so I can’t help but wonder if he posted it early. Who knows.


Review: iPhone 5.


In 2010, I reviewed the ErgoTron WorkFit-S sit-stand workstation. Last month, I posted a follow up with how I’ve fared with the equipment over the last year. One of the issues I mentioned related specifically to workflow efficiency when using the product: by itself, it can be difficult to perform tasks that involve anything other than your keyboard, mouse, and display.

Well, there must have been a little bird watching me attempt to clamp my iPad to the keyboard arm to do some studying one day, or reading my mind whenever I had to access some item from my desktop periodically, because accessories were released not long afterward that addressed these exact situations. Enter the Tablet Holder and Work Surface accessories.

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Ergotron WorkFit-S: Revisited

December 12, 2011

Last September, I reviewed some equipment designed to get desk-bound working stiffs up off their keisters and moving around a little. At the time, due mostly to office configuration, my place of employment wasn’t comfortable with me using it and I had no choice but to sourly bring it home.

But rejoice! A promotion and relocation to a different part of the building has breathed new life into my desire to use time at work to increase my overall health! In fact, by eating healthy and standing more, I’ve lost nearly 30 pounds. Read the rest of this entry »

I just had an interesting experience arc. I saw the following headline:

Hack a Manual Cheese Grater to Run via Cordless Drill

and immediately thought that someone was shooting for last minute entry into the 2011 Darwin Awards.

Heading over to the original page, however, the idea seems less “death wish” and more “Tim the Toolman Taylor”.

Now, I’m sort of considering buying a cheese grater, and adding an old lawnmower engine. 50CC’s of cheese grating power. That’s what I’m talking about.


If you’re interested in trying out Microsoft’s mobile platform, but haven’t had the time or interest to make the trip to a retailer, you’re in luck. Microsoft is offering a mobile browser-based demonstration of the system. (No Jailbreaking or Rooting required!) Read the rest of this entry »

Apple has an official support page for owners of the first generation iPod nano. According to support, this model of iPod might contain a defective battery that increases its chances of overheating with continued use.

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