Perhaps you’re wondering what sort of gadgets I use personally? Well, wonder no more! Over the years I’ve accumulated quite the collection of gear that helps me through my day. I will keep this page up to date with as a catalog of stuff that I use myself. Where possible, I’ll even provide links to my reviews and places to purchase.

Bookmark it if you like, and feel free to suggest better solutions if you think I’ve missed the boat on something particularly awesome.

OK, so there’s not much in here yet. But there will be. Lots of stuff. I’m sort of an addict. A list is better than nothing, but I KNOW you want links!

Portable Gadgets/Gear

  • iPhone 4
  • iPad (Gen1)
  • Kindle (Gen4, non touch model, ad supported)
  • Ogio Bags
  • Saddleback Leather Bags
  • Shure Earbuds
  • Sony Earbuds
  • Griffin iPad stand
  • Compass iPad stand
  • Freedom Input bluetooth keyboard

Cooking Equipment

  • Weber Silver-A propane grill
  • Weber Q propane grill
  • Weber Smoky Mountain Cooker (18″)
  • Emile Henry Pizza Stone

Computer Gear

  • Logitech mice
  • Logitech Keyboards
  • Logitech Headphones
  • Wacom Art input tablet
  • Logitech Game pads
  • Apple Keyboards
  • Apple Magic Trackpad



  • WorkFit S sit/stand workstation
  • Vibram FiveFinger minimalist running shoes
  • Brooks Ghost (2011) traditional runnings shoes
  • Lose It – Mobile weight loss App
  • Nike Dry-Fit workout gear

AV Gear

  • Pioneer Elite Displays
  • Martin Logan Loudspeakers
  • Sonus Faber Loudspeakers
  • Cambridge Audio amplifiers
  • AudioQuest Cabling
  • Monster Cable clean power
  • Panamax clean power
  • Tivo Premier

Miscellaneous Stuff I like


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